A home for all my thoughts, artwork, and obsessions.

I am a teacher, an artist, and a human. Exploring the world visually means I have many interests. My wife calls them my obsessions. Some of my obsessions I try to share some of my obessions on this site. Hopefully the things I create can inspire you.


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David Nathan Bailey

My name is Nathan Bailey, and I'm an artist. By day, I work as an art teacher. By night, I entertain myself with various creative endeavors. Teaching is my calling. I've never had more fun than showing someone that they can indeed draw.

I'm a pretty big geek. I love to make stuff. Board games are awesome, and I read fantasy/sci-fi books until the early hours of the morning.

A native of Tennessee, I call Kingsport home now. My lovely wife and dogs keep me company. I enjoy waking up and seeing the mist wind its way through the mountains.