An Artist Exploring the Sublime
Space evokes a sense of awe and terror in me. Starring up at the stars, I feel awe and the terror of knowing how tiny I really am. Ray Bradbury's stories resonate with me for this same reason. Bradbury's work acts as my inspiration and many of my work's titles are derived from his work.
The artists of the Hudson River School explored the sublime through the American landscape. With the advanced mapping of the globe, the global frontier holds fewer mysteries. As the corners of this world become more and more familiar, the corners of the universe become the new frontier. My work explores the sublime by creating images of this new frontier.
Over the last few years, I experimented with macro, abstract photography. With a background in painting and drawing, I approach photography with the mentality of a painter. My technique combines fluid painting techniques, light painting, and long exposure photography. 
A custom built frame holds glass below my digital camera. Water, oil, ink and other materials are painted onto the surface of the glass. With the lights off, I expose the camera in bulb mode using a flashlight below the glass and fluids. Through trial and error, I paint the light and mix the fluids to create the photographs. The camera allows me to paint in these ephemeral materials.